Cute Hotel Soap

Yep, you read that right! This is very random but, on a recent trip we stayed at a hotel that was nice but nothing special, until I went to check out the bathroom and saw the cutest soaps and shampoos I have ever seen. They were so cute I couldn't even bring myself to use [...]

Lucia, Lucia

Lucia, Lucia by Adriana Trigiani tells the story of Lucia Sartori, a smart twenty-five year old woman in 1950 who meets a mysterious man who intrigues her and pushes the limits of her honor to her family and her career. Lucia must choose between being married and giving up her home life with her parents [...]

What We’ve Been Up To…

July is wrapping up! What have you been up to this summer? Right now I am impatiently waiting for the John Mayer concert we are going to in two days (eeep!) When we're not listening to The Search for Everything on repeat, here's what's been going down around here lately: summer school. We have both [...]

Weleda & Whole Foods

We go to Whole Foods quite a bit because we love all the freshly prepared food they have: the salad bar, sandwiches, sushi, pizza, and the ice cream...they have the best peppermint ice cream (but it's only there during the holiday season!). On a recent weekday evening while we were moseying along through the store [...]

Coding in Classrooms

As I shared previously, I am now a graduate Library Science student at University of Arizona. Whoa, still feels exciting to say that and have it be real and true. I couldn't be happier with how my degree program has started out and, though rigorous, my summer classes have been going extremely well. A lot [...]