Beach Reads

Take a look in any magazine on newsstands right now and you will no doubt find dozens of articles on beach reads: lists of book "perfect" to take on your summer vacation. I always read these articles, but only for the book recommendations. Something that I've never been able to understand is how you can [...]

Let’s Take a Moment

I wanted to take a moment to talk about something that happened last week that had a significant impact on me, and many others around the world. The terrorist attack in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert has left many of us feeling shaken up to say the least. Fear of terrorist attacks in large, [...]

Happier Posters

I've played around with coloring books off and on the last few months, partly because I can't tell if they're actually working and partly because well, it's fun. It's so calming and it is a great way to promote mindfulness. Coloring allows you to transition into a reflective mood and can be a great way to unwind [...]