Mindfulness and Self-Care

Self-Care For this month's mindfulness post, I wanted to talk about a the tricky subject of self-care. Most of us are already familiar with the phrase "self-care." It means putting yourself first by doing things that make you happy, things that feed your soul right down to your core being. For as important as self-care [...]

The Perfect Weekend

For this post, I'm going to be talking about two of my favorite things: Pinterest, and the weekend. Not The Weeknd, but the actual weekend, specifically three-day weekends which are a blessing not in disguise. I scroll through Pinterest daily, sometimes mindlessly, searching for snippets of inspiration in whatever I can find. Each of my [...]

Embracing the Hygge Life

What is Hygge? Hygge (pronounced hoogah) is the art of creating coziness, togetherness, and taking pleasure in the presence of soothing things. It's about the atmosphere you create, and those pleasant emotions you can't quite put a name to but know it when you feel it. Hygge is a Danish concept that has taken the U.S. [...]

My Experience With Headspace – The Meditation App

Hi everyone, happy 2018! I'm excited that my first post of the new year will be introducing my new series on mindfulness. Each month, I will introduce a new topic related to mindfulness, and discuss how it can help your daily life and overall mental health. For my first mindfulness post of 2018, I wanted to [...]