Our New Rescue Kitten

I have some excited personal news to share: last weekend we adopted a kitten! There is a lot of kitten-gushing and cat related content below, so be warned 🙂 We have been wanting a cat for a while but couldn't quite decide on the type of cat, or age, or any of the specifics. We [...]

Weekend Reads

What are you up to this weekend? I am still working my way through a few of the books I posted about in March, and hope to have a few of those reviews posted soon. This week I started reading Invisible: How Young Women with Serious Health Issues Navigate Work, Relationships, and the Pressure to [...]

Short Story Dispensers

I was just reading about these short story dispensers and they sound so cool that I couldn't resist sharing. Short story dispensers are exactly what they sound like: press a button and out pops a short story just for you, free of charge. These kiosks built by a French publishing company have only existed in [...]

Sweetest Notecards

I got this set of Meera Lee Patel notecards for my birthday. I read Patel's book Start Where You Are a couple months ago and loved it. If you're looking for some wise, kind words about life, getting started, and general feelings of where-am-I-who-am-I, this book is for you! In the meantime, she has some [...]

Honest Beauty Box

Honest This month I got my first Honest beauty box. Available at Target, they are like most beauty boxes in that they come with a handful of products, both sample and regular sized. Beauty boxes are a great way to test new products before committing to a purchase. I'd highly recommend signing up for a [...]

Weekend Reads

What are you reading this weekend? Be it an article, a gripping book, or viral posts from people I don't know...I'm into all of it. Here's what's on my radar this weekend, and some interesting things I've read this past month... Still Me by Jojo Moyes has been dominating my nightly read sessions. For fans [...]