We Tried Mochi

Have you ever heard of Mochi? It's a Japanese rice-cake-like dessert with ice cream inside. Every time we pass by the little Mochi box at Whole Foods I think about buying some but never do. That officially changed when we decided to try some on a whim. It. Was. So. Good. There were about a [...]

Starbucks Tea Hack

One of my favorite drinks to get at Starbucks is the passion tea lemonade. I can drink coffee all day long but this iced tea is truly my go-to. Luckily, it is very easy to make at home, so you can have it on hand in the fridge for when you don't feel like driving all [...]

Sprinkles Cupcakes

Last weekend we got a box of Sprinkles cupcakes. Talk about a splurge! They are not-so-cheap but perfect for special occasions. Normally when we get cupcakes from Sprinkles we get one at a time from the Cupcake ATM right outside the store. It is always entertaining to watch the little robot claw on the screen [...]

Thanksgiving Recipes Pt. 2: Vegan Buffalo Chickpea Taquitos

Yesterday I shared a banana bread recipe we used for Thanksgiving. Just to spice things up (literally) we also made these vegan buffalo chicken taquitos because I have been craving them. No one in the house is vegan or vegetarian, I just happened to see this recipe and it sounded amazing. You can find the recipe and [...]