Book Review: Still Me

Still Me by Jojo Moyes is the third installment of the Me Before You series. Last year, I did a combined book review for Me Before You and its sequel, After You because I read them so quickly. You can check that post out here. There will be some spoilers ahead, so fair warning if you [...]

Our New Rescue Kitten

I have some excited personal news to share: last weekend we adopted a kitten! There is a lot of kitten-gushing and cat related content below, so be warned đŸ™‚ We have been wanting a cat for a while but couldn't quite decide on the type of cat, or age, or any of the specifics. We [...]

Mindfulness and Self-Care

Self-Care For this month's mindfulness post, I wanted to talk about a the tricky subject of self-care. Most of us are already familiar with the phrase "self-care." It means putting yourself first by doing things that make you happy, things that feed your soul right down to your core being. For as important as self-care [...]

Weekend Reads

What are you up to this weekend? I am still working my way through a few of the books I posted about in March, and hope to have a few of those reviews posted soon. This week I started reading Invisible: How Young Women with Serious Health Issues Navigate Work, Relationships, and the Pressure to [...]

Short Story Dispensers

I was just reading about these short story dispensers and they sound so cool that I couldn't resist sharing. Short story dispensers are exactly what they sound like: press a button and out pops a short story just for you, free of charge. These kiosks built by a French publishing company have only existed in [...]